Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to clean up (or in other words- reorganize!)

We spent most of tonight sorting through Noah's "baby-ish toys" and cleaning up the family room. Countless times I heard Jim say - "he has too many" - but I guess my whole thought process is: 1) we didn't pay full price for any of them (most are used, garage sale, mom 2 mom sale items 2) He plays with most of them during the week 3) and - isn't being messy what childhood is all about? Sure- he doesn't clean right up after him- and SURE he loves to dump the ball pit or the blocks- but if we teach him that cleaning is fun- does it really matter? So- when Jim says that- I ignore him (and please don't ever tell him!) and figure- the smile on Noah's face is all that really matters.
We also had to clean because of the loot we got for Christmas (well- I should say Noah). He didn't get a ton- but he did get enough that forced tonights Great Purge. I also put away the DVD's we got (in alpha order- obsessive compulsive I know), and the Wii Games we accumulated the last week. I did get one from my in-laws that is the Family Game Night 2 (with operation)- I really want to play it- I just haven't had ANY time. I also have to upload and print Shutterfly pictures before my coupon codes run out.
I did score alot of nice things for Christmas - for instance- Jim bought me a ruby bracelet and a necklace, I got a cute Paris wallet from my in-laws, some DVD's I wanted, the rest of the 39 Clues Books (if you haven't read them I encourage you to go buy the first one- and you will likely be hooked), the Sherlock Holmes books (always wanted to check those out!), a bunch of Quickutz dies (they were $1.00 at the craft store up north), 2 Hobby Lobby gift card, a Visa Gift card and some assorted other things. We still have Christmas with my cousin, aunt and other brother this weekend. I still am trying to figure out what to get with the HL gift card. I was leaning toward a Slice, but now I think I might buy the 12 inch QK adapter for the revolution and the stuff for that.
The munchkin loved Christmas and scored some new shakey cars, the shake and go race track, some Tonka Cars, and this really cute Elmo Live that he absolutely adores. In fact I think if I let him sleep with it he would- but can you imagine how freaked out I would be if I heard Elmo at 3 am because he rolled over on it? So- Elmo stays safely downstairs.
Hope you all got everything you wanted- I know I did!

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