Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back from the overpriced, horrible customer service, most infant unfriendly place in the world - Disney!

Now don't get me wrong, the whole trip wasn't HORRIBLE - but there were moments that made me NEVER want to step foot in a Disney Resort again.
I'll recap it soon- I promise- we had some fun times, like Noah LOVING all the characters, him playing in the water at EPCOT, and the Giraffes and animals on the safari.
The low parts included the horrible customer service at some of the restaurants (i.e. the two waiters/waitresses who ripped the salt and pepper shakers from Noah's hand), the Magical Express people who apparently thought it was okay to arrive by magical express but who truly wanted to make it difficult returning to the airport with an infant, to the people doing some "extracurricular activities" in the hot tub. Overall I found the customer service to be very disappointing. And let's not forgot the day I got food poisoning from Peco's Bill in the Magic Kingdom.
I was never MORE happy to get home and sleep in my OWN bed. I'm craving some home cooked meals - so I am off to the grocery store today and to Walmart. Might also check out the new house.
I'll follow up later!

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