Monday, September 28, 2009

We have a well! And Need some Halloween Costume Ideas

We took a ride on Sunday out to the property- we have a well, our fireplace is in and some of our bathtubs are in. Plus, there is some outside work going on preparing for the gutters and they laid the sewer piping downstairs. Fun stuff!

I also took Noah to look at Halloween Costumes, he hates anything on his head- so no fluffy chicken, skunk, etc. We even bought a Wags the dog one at a Mom2Mom sale and he hates that one too. We tried on a pirate one and he was okay with that. I'm thinking I might order an Elvis one- but first I am going to go to Party City tomorrow at lunch (after I search for the Home Sweet Home Album by 7 Gypsies and maybe a stop at the Salvation Army!) Have any ideas?
We also bought Noah a Ball Pit this weekend and he loves it! He is constantly in it. I even brought it upstairs so that he could play in it while I was working from home.
Noah also visited the Cider Mill for the first time- he saw some goats, pigs and chickens and laughed at everyone of them. He especially thought the goats were cool and even got to feed them a carrot.
I have to finish the current scrapbook page I am working on (Noah's first Bounce House Trip) but I've been playing around with a title and still havent found one I am loving. I was thinking "Bouncing Baby Boy" - but he's not really a Baby anymore- so I am stuck- any ideas?
Hope you have a great day- here are some of the pictures from this weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shingles, Soup, and Colds

So-we all have the cold. Jim gave us all his cold from last weekend. So, we basically hung around the house

We did manage a trip to house on Sunday- had to go pay for some shelves over the fireplace- and we were pleasantly surprised to find all the windows and the shingles on the house. we even had basement steps- so we could walk down and see how big the basement is really gonna be.

Stopped at Best Buy on the way home and picked up a 4gb SD card for the Disney trip- plus Jim wanted to look at tv's. We also made veggie soup and chicken soup for this week- back to the old diet for me.

The weather cooperated and Noah got to play outside alot. I think he will like the new house, lost of places to run.

Have to start cleaning the basement for my crop in October- not a lot of weekends left.
Have a good one!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend & A Roof!

We had our first (and only) garage sale in this house this past weekend. We made a little over $300.00 - which is good. I couldn't believe the people who were out for something **FREE** and wanted to bargain something down from 10 bucks to 1 dollar. And then at the very end- we placed some stuff by the curb and said "free" - within 10 minutes it was all gone- crazy!!
We also had dinner with Jim's parents for his birthday at Outback- celebrated with some cake and had some good family time. Yesterday, even thought Jim was battling a sore throat (probably from all his yelling during the Michigan/Notre Dame Game), we took a ride to the house- and saw.....a ROOF!!!!
We walked through and even took Noah in to see his new room...
So cool!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wonderful Labor Day Weekend & A Second Floor

We have a second floor! And we had an awesome labor day weekend up north! It was good to be around family, let Noah play outside and enjoy the peace and quiet up there.

Stopped on the way home on Monday to check the progress. We have a second floor and lots of boards holding that up. We also have all the rooms blocked off downstairs-pretty cool without the drywall and windows.
Cleaning out the house for our subdivision garage sale this weekend. We have a ton of stuff that we can get rid of. I will be so happy to move and clean more stuff out. Here is a photo of Noah from over the weekend and the second floor. It's rained here all day- so hopefully by this weekend I might have a roof.