Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Disney Day 3

Day 3 - Monday
Headed to the Magic Kingdom. Ended up at the end of Main Street outside the Barber Shop waiting for Jim's sister. Noah had fun chasing the ducks and other birds. Took Noah over to the Carpets - AGAIN - and then on to Pirates. We fast passed Splash Mountain and ate at Pecos Bill (note to anyone who goes- DO NOT EAT THE CHICKEN WRAP!!). Rode Splash Mountain and mom got Noah to take a nap. Ate a funnel cake while he was napping and then headed over to Fantasyland. Almost got to see Pooh and Tigger but everytime we got in line they took the characters for their *break*. Rode the carousel and then let Noah run around in the little Pooh thing and then took him over to Toon Town to see Mickey. Saw Mickey and Minnie (Noah was awesome with them and the characters were really good- they even got on the ground next to him when he sat down). The line was a little long, but overall he did good. Walked through Tomorrowland. Met the in-laws at Crystal Palace for dinner- was VERY dissappointed. First, we checked in around 4 (our reservation was scheduled for 4:30- which they then told me was really 4:45) the lady at the podium told me it would be like 15 minutes. So at 4:30 - I went up to the door and asked. They said we were the next table. At 4:45 - I went back and asked AGAIN- they said- "This is your reservation time and we are only seating 4:25" - we got sat at 5:05 and our waiter didn't show up at the table until 5:15. He was horribly RUDE. In fact he basically ignored Noah the whole time. By this time- Noah had enough sitting around- we did manage to see Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and Piglet. The food wasnt all that good and once again- the selection was horrible- but it was the first time we actually got Noah to eat something solid instead of french fries. After dinner, we went over to Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. We headed back towards Liberty Square to watch the Spectromagic Parade and the fireworks. People were very PUSHY and rude, plus it was way more crowded then I thought that it would be. Hung out a bit after the fireworks and then rode Haunted Mansion (since it was technically Disney Magic hours). Walked back up toward the Jungle Cruise, Jim and the in-laws rode it, and I took Noah on the Carpets (again!!). Headed back to the hotel- Noah falling asleep on the bus again and Jim and I hit the pool. We were going to do the Hot Tub- but I walked up on some people - eew!!

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