Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disney Day 6 - Hollywood Studios

It will always be MGM Studios to me. Our last day at Disney was spent at Hollywood Studios. Jim, Mom and I headed over early- did some shopping in the stores and had breakfast at the Pastry shop. We also took Noah over to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, saw Prince Caspian and the sets of the movie, met Sulley and Mike from Monster's Inc and then headed over to the Sci Fi for lunch. We were sat pretty quickly and had one of the rudest waitresses there. She did the same thing that the guy did the night before (ripping the salt and pepper shakers from Noah) and she even insisted that she charge us for Noah's juice (which is fine- but since we were on the dining plan and this was our last day- we hadnt been charged until then). Had a relatively LONG lunch - since she also happened to be the SLOWEST waitress too. After lunch, Noah fell asleep and we headed over to the Animation exhibit. Mom and I went through well Jim stayed out with Noah. Did some of the stores around there (and I was a bit irritated by the snack vendors over there since they all had trouble taking our cards for our snacks on the dining plan). When Noah woke up we went over to Indiana Jones and then headed back to see the characters of Up (which he loved-especially the doggy), then on to Toy Story Mania (we had fast-passed). We left pretty early and headed back. By then- we were SICK of Disney Counter Service food- so we took Noah swimming and opted for ordering Dominos (which was probably the best food we had all week). When we left the next day- we had issues with Magical Express (which I won't go into). Suffice to say- I was glad to finally get home. I have some new pictures of the house I will post soon (maybe this afternoon). I have to finish cleaning the house and I finally got Noah unpacked from Disney. Need to also do some Christmas shopping.

Have a good one! J

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