Sunday, April 4, 2010

Been Super Busy

Last weekend when we went to the house all the carpet was installed. It looked nice- although the carpet in Noah's room was a little more blue than we had anticipated. We also went to an Egg Hunt at the model where we met a couple of new neighbors and Noah got to see the Easter Bunny. Noah loved the Easter Bunny he wanted to take him for a walk- and he really got the egg hunt. This week flew by- we cleaned the garage and the basement and packed some boxes. I had Good Friday Off so we went to Sams to check out a swing set for Noah. We ended up with the swing set and a water play thing. Can't wait to use that. Yesterday we headed over to the inlaws for a BBQ. Noah had an Easter Egg Hunt there too. We also went and saw the Easter Bunny yesterday morning (I'll scan the picture in later). We saw the house yesterday too- the dishwasher, oven and microwave were all installed and look awesome. We are still missing the granite :o( All the cardboard is off the flooring - so we could see the hardwood and the other two shelves are stained. Looking good- but I can't wait to see the granite in!
Today we are off to see my brother for Easter- lots of good picture potential there
Happy Easter!