Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holiday's from the Great White North!

So- so far- we've put the tree up (Friday Night)- played endless games of Mario Kart on the Wii - played Guitar Hero for the Wii (and I am HORRIBLE!!), watched Julie & Julia (excellent movie- Meryl Streep is phenominal!), watched HangOver (Hilarious!!), watched I Love You Beth Cooper (cute - not a run out and rent- but had cute moments), and watched the Ugly Truth (it was okay- definately a rental). We also let Noah play in the snow (he loved it!), ran to Walmart, and hit the Family Dollar Store and Glens for milk that I forgot to buy there- and ended up spendijng 4 dollars at the gas station. Tomorrow we might go into town and I might actually get to go to Arnie's - one of the best scrap stores up here! Also need to finish up wrapping the munchkin's presents. It snowed up here yesterday - so we have to brush the car off before heading to Walmart and Ponderosa (and maybe the outlets tonight!)....how sad does that sound? Jim also gave me this Scene It game for the Wii- so we've had some fun playing that too.
Off to finish reading my chapter from Vampire Diaries since everyone else is napping.
Happy Christmas!

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