Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disney Day 2

Bright and early on Sunday we hit Magic Kingdom. We had breakfast in the hotel and took the bus over to the park. It was a tad chilly (Noah had jeans on) and we all had sweatshirts. The first ride was the Jungle Cruise. Our guide was REALLY loud- so Noah wasn't a big fan. The second ride of the day were the Magic Carpets of Aladdin which Noah LOVED. It was his favorite ride while we were there. We also rode Pirates of the Carribbean (which he also wasnt a big fan of), took in Small World (which he liked) and the Carousel (another favorite of his). Also rode the tea cups. Then we headed back up Main Street and checked out Santa- Noah had a good smile (and it is definately the photo for the Christmas Card). Took a train ride and then headed over to the Contemporary for Chef Mickeys. Jim's sister was going to meet us there for dinner. Checked in and were sat pretty quick. His sister ended up meeting us and got to see Noah's first experience with the characters. He loved them. Thought that they were funny and most of all wanted to touch their noses. We saw: Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey. Noah's absolute favorite was Pluto, and even followed him around the restaurant. The food was okay- I didn't think that the selection was very good for a buffet, but we had a very good server. Left Contemporary on the bus and headed toward Hollywood Studios (formally MGM Studios) to check out Fantasmic since that was going to be our best opportunity to see it. Met the in-laws there- had a rather good seat in the handicap section because of mom's scooter. Noah liked parts of Fantasmic and then parts not so much. After walking out with the swarms of people for Fantasmic (we really should have waited till it cleared), we headed to under the Sorcers Hat (my father in-law and sister-in- law and her boyfriend rode Tower of Terror and then met us there). Headed back to the Osbourne Festival of Lights which danced to the musci (very nice), and then stopped so the in-laws could have dinner at ABC Commisary. Took Noah back to the hotel (he fell asleep in the boss) and then DH and I went to the pool, we even managed to take in the hot tub too.

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