Monday, March 22, 2010

More house pictures

This weekend we went- everything is looking good. We also ordered all the drapes and bought everything that we needed. I'm exhausted- and in need of a kid break...any takers?? Just two hours??? I think I need Calgon to take me away today. The alarm system was in, and all the appliances was there.....can't wait to see those installed- and did I mention that my Tub finally showed up???

Moving Weekend- for mom!

We moved mom this weekend. On top of that- we took Noah to get his two year pictures at Portrait Innovations. I wasn't impressed with the photographer- but really didnt have a choice since Kiddie Kandids had gone out of business. We also went to the house on Saturday (and Sunday)- the alarm system is in- the speakers are in, the faucets are in- its totally looking like a house- one month from today we close- OH MY GOD!!! Here are some pictures of Noah's photo session!

Have a great Monday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So- Busy - just so stinking busy.

We moved bits of moms stuff this weekend - big moving weekend is this upcoming weekend. So glad when that will be done. We also went to my cousin's daughter's birthday- lots of family, fun and good food. We headed to the house this weekend, we were temporarily locked out (and somehow I managed to get the door open!!). All the hard wood is laid, the cabinet in the scraproom is up, the island is in, the closets have shelves, the mirrors are up in the bathrooms, all and all- things are coming together.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry- It's been awhile

So- lots has happened.
1. They have begun painting.
2. More cabinets were stolen (sawed from the wall)
3. Mom found and rented an apartment in Milford.
4. The outside lights on the house have been put up.
5. The Banisters were stained.
6. Shelves were put up above the fireplace.
7. We've moved some of mom's stuff to her new apartment.
8. We have a close date.
9. Noah ate pizza for the first time (and liked it!!)
Yeah- you can say it's been busy.