Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Weekend!

SO - on Saturday Noah decided enough was enough with his crib - so he climbed out of it...many times - we decided that climbing over the top probably wasn't safe- so off we went to buy a Toddler Bed. He is so little in it! And the bed is so little to top it off - but, he loves it - that's all that matters. Over the weekend we finished the rubber mulch around Noah's swingset - it looks awesome - and I think he has become the envy of all the neighborhood kids- since he made a new friend Nick - the neighbor kid across the street who is two years older than him and wanted to come play on the swingset. Noah was in 7th heaven with someone to play with!
This weekend I also made a card for my friend Stephanie's graduation. Nothing too extravagent - but it was nice to play for a change. We also saw some hot air baloons fly right over the house Sunday night - quite the sight!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Required: Two moderately handy people

So- we bought this swingset - awesome - cedar - the best one for the best price. The instructions say that it will require two moderately handy individuals. um - yeah - no problem. So, we had 5 at one point - but hey - whose counting? And, we still don't have a swingset. And, I am amazed after working on it with just my hubby yesterday we are still married - because it should also have a warning - caution - may cause yelling, screaming and walking away. So, by day two all we managed to have is the tower (a completed tower) - but no swings, or other stuff yet - why? Because I told him that the bolt wasnt big enough....but what do I know?? Here are some pics from the weekend fun. Soon it will be done - maybe.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a good one- had brunch at a really nice banquet facility in the area and Noah got me a gift card for Michael's. Also, put all the scrapbook stuff away from the crop at the Mega Meet. Had fun on Friday doing that. I finished a 2-page spread for Noah's birthday layout - which Val told me that I have to post. It's not completely finished - still need journaling- but here it is. Also, I'm posting the fantastic new home card that I got in the mail from Val.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nes House, Noah's Two!!'s's's expensive....and it makes you touch every single thing you own and wonder- why do I own that? Somewhere in the midst of packing and moving, Noah turned TWO!!! We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese where he was VERY overwhelmed by the kids and the big giant rat. But, he got lots of cool stuff - and I am so behind on the thank you's and the moving announcements -
Anyway- a short tour of the bottom level of the house- minus the giant playroom - since it looks a little like Toys R Us threw up in there right now.