Monday, September 28, 2009

We have a well! And Need some Halloween Costume Ideas

We took a ride on Sunday out to the property- we have a well, our fireplace is in and some of our bathtubs are in. Plus, there is some outside work going on preparing for the gutters and they laid the sewer piping downstairs. Fun stuff!

I also took Noah to look at Halloween Costumes, he hates anything on his head- so no fluffy chicken, skunk, etc. We even bought a Wags the dog one at a Mom2Mom sale and he hates that one too. We tried on a pirate one and he was okay with that. I'm thinking I might order an Elvis one- but first I am going to go to Party City tomorrow at lunch (after I search for the Home Sweet Home Album by 7 Gypsies and maybe a stop at the Salvation Army!) Have any ideas?
We also bought Noah a Ball Pit this weekend and he loves it! He is constantly in it. I even brought it upstairs so that he could play in it while I was working from home.
Noah also visited the Cider Mill for the first time- he saw some goats, pigs and chickens and laughed at everyone of them. He especially thought the goats were cool and even got to feed them a carrot.
I have to finish the current scrapbook page I am working on (Noah's first Bounce House Trip) but I've been playing around with a title and still havent found one I am loving. I was thinking "Bouncing Baby Boy" - but he's not really a Baby anymore- so I am stuck- any ideas?
Hope you have a great day- here are some of the pictures from this weekend!

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