Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend & A Roof!

We had our first (and only) garage sale in this house this past weekend. We made a little over $300.00 - which is good. I couldn't believe the people who were out for something **FREE** and wanted to bargain something down from 10 bucks to 1 dollar. And then at the very end- we placed some stuff by the curb and said "free" - within 10 minutes it was all gone- crazy!!
We also had dinner with Jim's parents for his birthday at Outback- celebrated with some cake and had some good family time. Yesterday, even thought Jim was battling a sore throat (probably from all his yelling during the Michigan/Notre Dame Game), we took a ride to the house- and saw.....a ROOF!!!!
We walked through and even took Noah in to see his new room...
So cool!

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