Monday, February 8, 2010

I need to keep up- Ann Arbor Hands On Museum and House Update

Wow- I've been bad- REALLY BAD at this. So, here is goes- last Saturday (1/30) - We took Noah to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum as they had a Bob the Builder Exhibit and he's really liking him right now. So - we took DH's car to the dealer and with my mom and met the inlaws at the museum. He had a blast going in and out of things and going up the ramp in the preschool area. It was a good change of pace for him. We did learn that we need to get him in groups with other kids as he has a little issue sharing and when you say "No" to him. Sunday- that week- we went to the house to meet another basement guy out there. When we got there- the doors were left open and the garage was partially open. We told the sales girl and found out later in the week that someone had actually broken in and stole the cabinets that were in the garage- TOTALLY crazy!! The week flew by- Chi- Chi's twin did arrive in the mail and he also got a new hamster (the Zhu Zhu pet kind). He learned to tell you "it's dead" if the battery has died in one of his animal friends. If you don't fix it right away he tells you "dead, dead". This weekend was busy as we babysat my neices on Saturday and Noah got to play with them. On Sunday we did manage to get to the house- they had primed the whole house- looks totally different - and then watched the Super Bowl with my brothers last night. I promise to be better- time just gets away from you! The one picture above is the hallway last week and the bottom one is the same hallway this weekend - time flies

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