Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brr - It's cold

It snowed here- lots. So, we've been inside mostly. This past weekend we did see the new house- all the woodwork (trim, etc) is up. Looks nice. And the fireplace is stoned. And while that is nice- seems that it is missing two shelves we asked to have put up. Hopefully this is an after thought- and they will get put up later- but we haven't heard from the builder yet. We also picked out our granite. Plus, all the ceramic tile is in. Looks awesome. Noah and I played outside on Monday- and just like his mommy- he is NOT a fan of snow or cold. Can't say I blame him. I also got some more layouts done this weekend, watched some Olympics and did some shopping. We hit the outlets and picked up some cute things for the house.

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