Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Resolutions to the Wayside

So I had all these great ideas for the New Year - lose weight, scrap alot, keep the blog updated, etc. But sadly- I've failed at least the first one....and the third one....but the second- I got 9 layouts done this weekend- with the 7 from last time - thats 16 (basic math!) So- I am on my way to 250. This past weekend we did visit the house and nothing has changed-so no new pictures to show. I wish it would get done. Things in the current house are just falling apart- it started with the dishwasher and now the lock on the door is having issues (as in not closing). Last night Noah got a new chair for the table. He is now a big boy and has a booster seat to sit at the table with. It will help when we move and our chairs don't have wheels on them! But, he's doing good with it. He also carries all his electronic friends everywhere with him. They sit at the table with him and they play with him until he has to go to bed (which was NOT early last night)- and they sleep downstairs in a basket (mainly b/c he knows how to turn them all one and it will either freak me out at night OR get stuck in his hair). Either way- he loves 'em.

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