Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

So- Friday night the in-laws moved and Jim went to help them. That left my mom, Noah and I to fend for ourselves- so what's a girl to do- but go to Hobby Lobby!!! Didn't buy much- picked up a few cute papers and some clearance stamps - I am toying with that 50% coupon at Micheals today though!
Went to the in-laws on Saturday to see their new digs- cute house- lots of land - and a pond- real cute area too- lots of horses. Stopped and saw the house- and we have the beginnings of brick work and all the electrical is wired (except for the cable, alarm and the phone). It was nice to still see progress.
We are going up north this weekend - so we will probably stop on the way home.
Veered off WW on Thursday and Friday and then Saturday wasnt a great day either. So- my mom and I made cabbage soup for this week- costs me about 1.5 pts - so hopefully I can make up ground this week - I'm debating about going back to the meetings- it worked the first time- but I did it with someone else- so it was nice to compare....
Happy Monday

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