Monday, December 6, 2010


So its the start of Christmas and I have been trying to keep up with Ali' Edwards December Daily. I am gonna try to keep track of our days here and then put it all together at the end of the month.

December 1:

Wednesday - one of my work at home days. We waited for our new Christmas Tree to arrive, but it never did. It was a low-key day. I did manage some pictures of Noah by the tree and we got our first snow that day.

December 2 :

Our tree arrived. We put it together after Noah went to bed and even had to break out the big ladder to get the top on. It turned out gorgeous - but wow - is it tall!

December 3:

I had two Christmas Parties. We had our work Christmas lunch at Andiamos. nice to get out of work for a few hours and have a blast chatting! I relieved mom for a few hours, Noah and I cleaned and then mom came back and I met Jim for his Holiday Party at the Marriott in Livonia. nice to see people I used to work with and catch up with them.

December 4:

Made it to Walmart to try a picture with Santa and one tired little boy was having NONE of it. We did get one picture and it may be the best we get this year. Picked up some Christmas gift and later in the day hit up Target to finish decorating at home. Came home and started putting up ornaments on all of our trees.

December 5:

Had a 31 Party. Bunch of people. lots of food - makes for a good recipe for fun. Was nice to have everyone over and kick off the Holiday Parties here.

I'll post pictures later of Noah and Santa and our tree!


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