Monday, May 17, 2010

Required: Two moderately handy people

So- we bought this swingset - awesome - cedar - the best one for the best price. The instructions say that it will require two moderately handy individuals. um - yeah - no problem. So, we had 5 at one point - but hey - whose counting? And, we still don't have a swingset. And, I am amazed after working on it with just my hubby yesterday we are still married - because it should also have a warning - caution - may cause yelling, screaming and walking away. So, by day two all we managed to have is the tower (a completed tower) - but no swings, or other stuff yet - why? Because I told him that the bolt wasnt big enough....but what do I know?? Here are some pics from the weekend fun. Soon it will be done - maybe.....

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