Monday, November 9, 2009

November?? Already???

I had one of those moments when I counted the weekends to Christmas and about fell over. Time is flying by so fast. This past weekend we had some of the MOST beautiful weather here- so we took a ride to check on the house. It's been two weeks since we were able to get there. But, what a difference two weeks make. The whole house is INSULATED - and it was so nice and warm in was nice to see all that pink insulation (and see the true depth of it all). So, all of our cabinets were the garage in their respective boxes. It was fun to see all that. We also saw some of the siding up there- there were two guys who were just setting up to finish one of the sides with the siding. The furnace was also in, as was the water heater and everything seemed to be getting ready for them to start the inside. They also poured the front porch- it was nice to see that completed too. We also have three new members of our family- they are nameless - although my mom suggested Huey, Dewey and Louie....not bad....we'll see. But for now, Noah LOVES them....

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